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Young boy crying at school photoI still remember the feeling of anxiety of standing in line with my classmates. We were dressed in the fresh clothes our mothers picked out waiting for our turn to go stand on the taped line on the floor, stare directly into this black contraption and smile.

I didn’t smile.

I was terrified and as I sat there with tears running down my 4-year-old cheek, I could never imagine that I would someday be obsessed with the very thing that terrified me.

A lot of people don’t know that much less have seen this photo, but now you have.

There are other things you should know about me since we’re being candid.

  1. I think kindness and work ethic are more important than talent.
  2. I was a graphic designer before photography and I have a background in advertising.
  3. I have a Border Collie named Loki and a Boxer named Millie (best dogs on the planet)
  4. People are generally good, and for the most part will do the right thing.
  5. I will never be able to live more than an hour from the ocean.
  6. I moved to San Diego for a job, I stayed for the shrimp burritos.